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What is Salt Detox?

Salt Therapy is also known as “Halotherapy”. Halo is a Greek word for “salt”. Salt Therapy has been used by ancient healers for many years for the respiratory system and health problems.

What are the benefits of Salt Therapy?

Salt Therapy has taken wellness to a whole new level. Salt is a natural disinfectant with antimicrobial, and antibacterial health properties. 

Some of its many benefits are: 

  • **SINUSES**
  • ***CHEMO DETOX***
  • MS
  • ACNE
  • PTSD
  • ADHD
  • COPD

The benefits of salt therapy are wide-ranging. Salt levels affect our cell activity, energy, and blood sugar levels. A natural disinfectant, salt is antimicrobial and antibacterial. Salt comes in empty processed forms or healthier pure sea salt (Himalayan and Dead Sea salt) that contain 84 elements and trace elements found in the human body. Dry salt air is more powerful than moist air. The negatively charged ions in salt improve our health and mood. Inhaling particles may reduce inflammation and mucus in the lungs, improving respiratory conditions such as asthma, allergies, bronchitis, sinus congestion, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Scientific studies show that people with asthma and other ailments breathe easier after halotherapy 


When your body comes into contact with allergens, your immune system can inflame your skin, sinus airways, or digestive tract. Inflammation can be reduced by inhaling natural salt particles during a dry salt therapy session. Salt’s ability to absorb edema from swollen mucosa linings in the sinus and respiratory tracts opens airways to provide relief. Improved drainage can allow for a reduction in contaminants that may trigger or prolong allergic episodes. 


Exposure to natural salt properties can stimulate cell regrowth and regeneration through an increase in activity of the skin’s ion channels. Dry salt particles balance skin pH and reduce harmful bacteria and inflammation, often seen in dry red patches caused by dermatitis and eczema. 


Obstructed airways can cause snoring and sleep apnea. Dry salt therapy can relieve obstructed air passageways due to the anti-inflammatory properties of salt particles. Air passageways can widen and irritation of inflamed tissue can take place, resulting in restful breathing while sleeping. 


As you enter a salt session, healing takes place on a variety of levels. The intentionally created stress-free environment provides an isolated experience that allows the body to engage positive ions, which calm and relax the internal nervous system as you inhale salt particles. Charged particles coat your skin, reducing hypersensitivity caused by everyday environmental stresses, encouraging regeneration. A balance can be achieved aiding in your overall wellness 


Lung function is improved as salt widens and clears your respiratory system. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory sodium chloride particles have the ability to reach the deepest recesses of the bronchial system, translating to clearer air passages and fewer spasmodic attacks. Reduced inflammation and wider airways can decrease constricted breathing. Wheezing, coughing, and dependence on inhalers can improve from continued sessions.

How does it work? 

Salt has the following properties: Antibacterial Anti-inflammatory Mucolytic effects: loosens excessive mucus and speeds up mucociliary transport Removes pathogen agents (airborne pollen) Reduces I.gE level (immune system oversensitivity) 

The salt is grounded into tiny microparticles and then dispersed into the salt room. While relaxing in our THE DETOX SALT ROOM our customers inhale the dry, salt-enriched air deep down into the lungs, where the healing benefits do their greatest healing. The salt widens the airways and loosens the mucus, which begins to clear quickly, and inflammation is reduced, which makes more room in the airways for you to breathe. Symptoms subside, sometimes for up to 12 months. The non-inhaled particles landing on the skin help to balance pH and induce the reparative and regenerative processes in the skin, increasing rigidity and stimulating cell growth and microcirculation.

Specific to our DETOX SALT ROOM, we use Himalayan salt lamps and cover the floor in Dead Sea Salt to generate negative ions, which help to counterbalance the influx of positive ions from the many electronic devices we use every day. This improves your overall mental and emotional health, helping you to relax and de-stress. 

The calming and detoxifying effects in THE DETOX SALT ROOM can support the immune, nervous and lymphatic systems. Additional benefits are reduced stress and headaches, increased energy, better sleep patterns. Salt ions purify the air and may increase lung capacity and reduce physical ailments for adults, children, and athletes. Treatments are recommended to help keep the body healthy during flu or allergy seasons. 

Skin conditions can also be improved such as (psoriasis, rashes, eczema, acne and etc). Table salt, sodium chloride, is dehydrating, but pure mineral salts have natural moisturizing properties and support the skin’s water balance and barrier function by attracting moisture to the skin. Minerals are necessary for cell function and detoxification, so mineral salts have strong rejuvenating properties.


Our peak hours are afternoons, weekends (especially Saturdays), and holidays so if the time you want falls with these hours we encourage you to book as far in advance as possible. If you are flexible and can make a mid-week appointment we are more likely to be able to accommodate you on shorter notice. Please mention at the time of making your reservation if you will be using a gift or donation certificate so we can retrieve the paperwork prior to your arrival and advise you of any policy that may affect its use. We do require a credit card to hold your reservation. 


If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so within 72 hours of your scheduled appointment. This allows us time for another appointment. Under certain circumstances and high volume holidays, a non-refundable 100% deposit may be charged to guaranteeing credit cards, for cancellations within the 72 hour cancellation period.



Please wear light color and relaxing clothing Please NO LOUD perfume Please NO SMOKING 2hr. prior to the session Please NO Type of Moisture on Skin or Clothing 



SPECIALS 1 hr. session – 45.00 

25.00 – 30 min. session KIDS PLAYTIME: 30 min.session (adult must be present) 20.00 with adult / additional child 5.00 each up to 2 SPA PARTIES RENTAL AVAILABLE @50.00HR. MINIMUM 2HR

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Tuesday Specials

We do accept late appointments, please call for details Special pricing applies only for the date listed above. No additional discounts may be applied to specials.
Just mention that you saw these on-line specials!

  • Couples 1hr. Swedish Massage 144.00
  • Couples 1hr. Deep Tissue $178.00
  • 1 Hr. SWEDISH MASSAGE $75.00
  • 1 Hr. DEEP- TISSUE MASSAGE $92.00
  • 90 MIN. Swedish Massage $92.00
  • Body Polish and 15min. Hand Massage $52.00


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Signature Essential Facial – $75.00
This treatment addresses both texture and hydration needs with a unique combination of precious ingredients. Revitalization and moisturizing is lasting and immediately apparent. Formulated to address the skin’s texture and hydration needs.

Oxygen Facial – $92.00
Get your glow on with this perennially popular all-around complexion reviver. It includes an intensive cleansing, exfoliating fruit acid wash, pre-extraction oxygen mask, necessary extractions, calming oxygen milk mask, hydrating enzyme pack, and vitaminized oxygen spray. It’s like a breath of fresh air for your face, literally. ​​​

Renewal Facial – $92.00
Regain a youthful, luminescent glow with this luxurious, advanced dual-mask facial – the perfect remedy for anyone experiencing dry skin, loss of elasticity, dullness, and/or hormonal breakouts. Vitamin C oils and shea butter provide immediate hydration to restore suppleness, texture, and tone, while AHA, fruit enzymes, soybean and clove promote cellular renewal to increase elasticity and diminish the appearance of fine lines. Your skin will look and feel dramatically softer, smoother, firmer and more radiant

Deep-Pore Cleansing Facial – $104.00
The Deep Pore Cleansing Facial draws out impurities, reduces oil without drying, and provides balanced hydration. Gentle cleansing, toning and massage are followed with a steam, exfoliation, and extractions.

Ultimate 4 Layer Facial – $104.00
This unique Four Layer Facial treatment utilizes the natural, therapeutic properties of the sea. Suitable for all skin types, the seaweed based products were designed to rehydrate, remineralize and rebalance the client’s skin. This treatment helps to improve both skin tone and texture, assuring a long lasting afterglow with new softness and smoothness.

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1.Rescue Me: Once your stresses are turned off, lay back and receive a Rejuvenating Facial, Mud Wrap, and Massage. $213.00

2.Sugar n’ Spice & Everything Nice Little girls wouldn’t be complete without a Facial, Wrap, and Massage. Using different aroma spices to invigorate the body from a tired girl’s day. $213.00

3.Bouquet Bliss: This is for the hard working women that don’t have time for the full spa treatment. Includes EXPRESS Facial, Aromatherapy Massage and Body Polish. $138.00

4.A Day of Bliss: This is your day of Beauty Essentials. 90 Minute Swedish Massage, Oxygen Facial, and Lunch is included. $282.00

5. The Ultimate Renewal:Come relax with the Ultimate 4 layers facial , 30 min. custom massage and Body Polish. Allowing your skin to be replenished from head to toe with a total cleansing and hydrating treatment. Removing the dull and dry while awakening the soft and smooth.$167.00

6.The Boutique: This is for the special lady. Lying on a bed of aroma flowers, stemming relaxation through a Floral Facial, Mud Wrap and 30 MIN. Massage. $213.00

7.The Day of Indulge: Transforming from a cocoon of stress to a beautiful butterfly through a 1hr. Hot Stone Massage, Facial and a Sea Salt Scrub.$276.00

8. The Essential Xscape:​​ Xscaping into the comfort zone of aromatherapy while transforming is of the upmost importance. Applying therapy through essential oils giving a sense of balance, relaxation, tranquility, and peace through a Facial, Mud Wrap and Massage. $196.00


BFF’S Escape Package- $402.00
Come sit back and unwind with massages in our beautiful  “BFF” Escape Package perfect for  DIVA’S, families or friends. This service includes a one hour Swedish  or Aromatherapy  massage each,  facial, and body scrub along with a complimentary mimosas, chocolate covered strawberries, lite refreshments and relaxing time.

Aromatherapy Body Scrubs – $60


Our aromatherapy body scrubs brings the benefits of aromatherapy and a body scrub together. This method combines the soothing relaxing scents such as lavender, lemon, rose, and peppermint, along with scrubs that will rub away dead skin cells and leave your skin healthier looking and smooth.


1. The Demolition: 90 min.

Hot Stone & Deep Tissue Sports Massage and Facial breaks down blackheads and acne while rebuilding healthy skin. Trimming of nails with a Steel Toe steam off and Hard Hat scalp treatment. $230​​

2. Honey Do List:

1. Make sure you get that facial
2. Don’t forget the Foot Massage​​
3. Finally don’t forget to pick up a deep tissue sports massage. $201.00

3. The TKO: Let’s see how many rounds you can go before you get “Knocked Out.” Includes Facial, 1 hour deep tissue sports massage, heat therapy $184

4. Men’s Back Facial – $75

Swedish massage  – $81.00/hr
The use of hands, forearms or elbows to manipulate the superficial layers of the muscles to improve mental and physical health. The benefits of Swedish massage include increased blood circulation, mental and physical relaxation, decreased stress and muscle tension, and improved range of motion.

Deep Tissue Massage – $98.00/hr
Deep tissue massage is a type of massage aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia, also called connective tissue. Deep tissue massage uses many of the same movements and techniques as Swedish massage, but the pressure will generally be more intense. It is also a more focused type of massage, as the therapist works to release chronic muscle tension or knots.

Hot Stone Massage -$109.00/hr
Hot stone massage is a specialty massage that uses smooth, heated stones. They are basalt, a black volcanic rock that absorbs and retains heat well, but they can be other types. The heat is both deeply relaxing and helps tight muscles release.

Sports Massage 1hr. – $98.00
Sports massage is a form of bodywork geared toward participants in athletics. It is used to help prevent injuries, to prepare the body for athletic activity and maintain it in optimal condition, and to help athletes recover from workouts and injuries. The massage involves a lot of stretching techniques as well as some deep-tissue work.



Couples Massages
Enjoy the romance of one of our delightful couples massages. Take your pick, then sit back and relax while we take care of the pampering. Couples services can also include couples facials.

Couples Deep Tissue -$186   

Prenatal Massage 1hr. – $86.00
This deeply soothing massage is specifically designed for the special needs of expectant mothers. Your therapist will work with you to customize your massage based on areas of stress and tension. Designed to improve circulation, reduce swelling in the feet and hands and release tension in the lower back, neck and shoulders. This therapy is not recommended in the first trimester.


Custom Massage  1hr.- $109.00

This one of a kind massage is a perfect fit for anyone wanting an array of massages wrapped up in one. It includes slow flowing Swedish and deep-tissue strokes, along with upper leg & lower back stretches, warm towels and hotstone. Sure to leave you relaxed and well.

BFF’S Massage for 2 – $201.00

Come sit back and unwind with massages in our beautiful  “BFF” suite perfect for  DIVA’S, families or friends. This service includes a one hour Swedish  or Aromatherapy  massage each, along with a complimentary mimosa, lite refreshments and relaxing time.


Aromatherapy Massage 1hr———————————$86.00

Aromatherapy massage combines two powerful and popular techniques for increased healing power, stress reduction, and pain relief. The vast array of essential oils that can be inhaled or applied topically can provide healing, soothing, and relaxing effects.


90 min Swedish Massage————————————$115.00


Couples Massages

Couples 1hr. Swedish—————————————–$173.00

Couples 90 Min Swedish————————————$230.00

Couples 1hr. Deep Tissue or Aromatherapy—————$201.00

Couples 90 Min Deep Tissue ——————————-$259.00

Couples Hot Stone Massage 1hr. —————————$259.00

Massage Choices

Outcall Services Available———————————-Call for rates